Since we voted to leave the EU...
The pound fell from US$1.49 to US$1.33 in just two days of trading
As of July 8th, it's $1.30
Global stock markets lost US$2 trillion of value in a single day
That's the worst one-day drop ever
David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister
Theresa May succeeded him
She became PM unopposed after her opponent withdrew; she came first in a ballot of 329 Conservative MPs
Boris Johnson became Foreign Secretary
The UK lost its remaining triple-A credit rating
The Chancellor has scrapped a plan to balance the budget by 2020
Nigel Farage has backtracked on spending £350m/week on the NHS has Iain Duncan Smith
Daniel Hannan has flip-flopped on restricting freedom of movement
At least seven property trading funds have had to suspend trading
Our fishing industry has been told not to expect larger quotas
There are 700,000 fewer job adverts than before the referendum
British universities have had to withdraw from EU research projects
The Scottish Government is mulling a second independence referendum
There's been a five-fold rise in hate crimes reported in the UK
All this, in at least 7 days since the referendum
There is still no plan for when, or on what terms, the UK will be leaving
So there'll be a lot more of these slides to come